45,000 Chum Released–Mt. Doug Hiking

A handful of people turned out this morning to release 45, 000 chum into Douglas Creek.

The salmon hatchery representative spoke about the chum making their way out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca and reaching as far as Alaska over a two year period, eventually making their way back here to spawn.

It is the hope that we can return to a time when salmon were caught in this little creek, and with everyone on board, it could happen.

A couple of kids screamed with delight. Saanich Parks was represented as were the Friends.

I heard someone ask why there wasn’t more of a turnout.


Mt. Doug Hiking

Deep into Spring now, the forest flowers at the top of “little” Mt. Doug have transformed the plateau into a meadow.

On Mother’s Day, I had a great hike with number one son who hasn’t climbed the mountain since he was in high school.

He had many questions, which I was unable to answer. I wander the mountain taking in its beauty, and trying not to be too analytical. However, there are times when I feel that respecting this place will also require a naming of the flowers, birds, paths, and those who are there to protect and preserve it.

On that note, the Friends of Mt Doug Society tell me they will arrange continual meetings with Saanich Parks and hope to come to a new agreement on where, which, and how many trees will be cut.

The wind in the past month seems to have taken care of its own.