Christmas Eve Thanksgiving

Come with me on my Christmas Eve walk.
Over the last half dozen years, I have given myself a Christmas tradition. I head out at dusk and take a walk. No mountain excursion this year, just a walk around my neighborhood.
In the west, the contrail of a jet spreads overhead (Santa’s sleigh?) and in the east Jupiter sits above a collar of pink horizon. The evening is clear and rainless, and I am not the only one walking.
‘Merry Christmas’ I share with passerbys. And at another house, a young couple is packing their car with parcels. ‘Safe travel,’ I add.
I head up Torquay and stop in front of a friend’s house, stand outside looking at her lit tree and say a silent prayer for contentment and stability for her and her children after all of the upheaval of the past year.
The lights on houses twinkle and I think of what my daughter said about liking Christmas lights because they never change.
I run over the year in my mind giving thanks for the challenges that have helped me grow spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally, and for my family and friends, especially my children who never cease to inspire me with their grace.
I head back down Longacre looking toward home feeling Blessed.
Merry Christmas to all and may you find bliss in the New Year.