Mt. Doug Hiking

Almost summery weather today. Introduced photo journalist Heather to the mountain. She pointed out turkey vultures and responded in song to an olive-sided flycatcher. We talked about the various calls of robins, especially at different times of the day. She has just bought a new camera, so check out her site and photos.

A young dad was hiking with his children.  The little girl, who may have been five, pointed out that yesterday had been her brother’s birthday and “he was four.” The kids wore size extra-small hiking shoes, and each carried their own backpack. The little girl showed us some silver-painted leaves.

I was impressed with this dad having the patience to walk at the little ones’ pace. He said they are able to handle long hikes with a snack and some water, and after all the fresh air, they conk out early.

Much like the rest of us.


Random Thoughts–Before The Parade Passes By

The first Oak Bay Tea Party in 1963 was to be a one-time happening. Set at Willows Beach in Victoria, this event still contains everything that park can hold in the way of rides, food, and fun.
Yesterday’s parade featured the usual, the Island Farms cow, the Capital Coast whale, the Shriners on their scooters, pipers, and Lambrick and Oak Bay High School bands.
The welcome sunny day brought out a crowd of parents, kids, and politicians.
The beef on a bun was still $5.00 but there seemed to be less beef this year and more bun.
See more pics at my FlickR site.