National Forest Week and Tree Day Walk at Swan Lake

This being National Forest Week, I headed out to Swan Lake today to hear Dr. Al Mitchell, retired research scientist from Natural Resources Canada (Pacific Forestry Centre), give a little history of the trees on Vancouver Island. Among the gazillion details he knows about our coniferous and deciduous friends, he explained why trees grow the way they do, and how the Yew Tree has contributed to the treatment of cancer.

Did you know they found logs preserved in a bog on Vancouver Island that were dated some 7,000 years old? “That’s before the pyramids.”

Dr. Mitchell will be doing another ‘walk and talk’ this Thursday September 22, 1:30-2:30. Take it in. Ask him how to recognize a happy tree.

Couldn’t help but notice several wildlife trees close to the trails. Good to hear from Swan Lake staffers that they monitor their trees closely and do not hastily remove wildlife trees.

National Forest Week. You may feel like hugging a tree. Go give Dr. Mitchell one for his years of contributing to the health of our forests and his invaluable research.