Robins Return,Thanksgiving 2011

The return of the robins to my backyard rowan (ash) tree is always a mystery to me. Their October songs stir memories of springs belonging to decades past, and for a moment I forget that winter is the season we are anticipating.

Lots of bird activity here this weekend. I caught a small piliated woodpecker pecking at the birch and the resident hummingbird rested on the rowan.

The robins feed on the berries and then are gone–perhaps on their way south, or to better feeding areas, and here to spend the winter. I counted about ten this year, but I am not a birder and it is difficult to distinguish them. According to last October’s post, there are fewer robins this year. We had tent caterpillars in the tree this year and there seem to be less berries. Could that be a factor?

A Thanksgiving treat–robins in October.


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