Storm Drain vs. Garden

This is not your usual hiking update. It is not about the natural greenery found in Mt. Doug and the creatures that I encounter there, but about the cultivated space of our yards.

Along the backyard easement, the trees, flowers, and vegetables lovingly tended over the years have been removed, replaced with an eight foot ditch dug for new storm drain infrastructure.

My neighbor’s garden was an award-winning space, so lovingly tended over their thirty years on this land. They gave away what they could, potted others, but within a few days, rare peonies, magnolias, maples, and perennial flower beds were turned to tilled soil.

They had planned to enjoy the fruits of their labor for years to come, now they will have to start all over. As she cried over the destruction, she also complemented the Saanich arborist who is trying to save as much as possible.

It made me wonder about the whole point of it all. If it was not to be preserved for the future, had the years of labor, digging in the dirt, the expenses, the seasonal beauty, and the stewardship been an immediate end in itself?

The hummingbird who made its home in the cedar border has gone for now. I saw the squirrel running up the street in a frenzy.

This doesn’t seem to be a job that could have been prevented. My neighbors are trying to capture the joy in planning a new garden.

We all hope to live to see its mature grandeur.


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