Mt. Doug Hiking

Mt.Doug September 24 2009Today I did a five mile hike through Mt. Douglas. It occurred to me that there may be hikers who might be under the weather, those who may want to hike vicariously through my experience, and those who may want to know more about Mt. Doug. This is my attempt at documenting the flora and fauna, the seasonal changes, and anything else that I find interesting. When I can, I will post some pictures as well.

I’ve lived near Mt. Douglas in the district of Saanich, Victoria, BC for over 20 years, but only started walking the mountain trails two years ago. I wrote a non-fiction piece on my first hikes, which won a prize and was published in Island Writer.

Today, I met 12 dogs and 11 people. Gender: more female than males. Breeds: poodles, husky, shepherd mix, labs. I walked along Ash Road along the north side, hiked up and between “little” Mt. Doug and big Mount Doug. It still feels like late summer, the trees really haven’t started changing colour. Morning fog clouded the mountain, which I can see from my kitchen, and so I dressed for walking through the cool soup. In no time it was warm and the air very light. Some “Friends of Mount Doug Society” were cleaning up some of the ivy that is killing indigenous plant life. I respect their care and stewardship of this special place. Good hike today.


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